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Reverse Engineering Capabilities

We at Turbo Machine Products enjoy the challenge of reverse engineering parts for customers.

Sometimes a customer will provide us an obsolete part damaged beyond repair and ask us if we can recreate it without a drawing. The original manufacturer may have gone out of business but the part is vital for their business. Our answer is often yes as we use our CMM inspection to inspect the precise detail of the current part and then use our proprietary CAD/CAM software to regenerate electronically the new part. After developing the electronic specifications of the part, we then manufacture the part on our CNC machining centers.

Another application for reverse engineering is generation of data for Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) products. Our customers will often provide us three parts for us to inspect in order to characterize the products. After the inspection process, we generate the required datasheets necessary for our customers to submit for further review and certification to the FAA.

-Please note that we do not manufacture parts in proprietary part specifications. We are unable to take another company’s drawing and be able to certify that we have produced XXXX-XXXX part number without the express permission of the original owner of the part number drawing.

Turbo Machined Products provides prints and data of reversed engineered parts for customers to use to achieve Parts Manufacturing Approval(PMA) Approval. We will analyze damaged parts, duplicate components, make an exact copy and create 3-D drawings.


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